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VQ Wind --Leading the small wind turbine revolution

Our new twin rotor, vertical axis VQ WindJets™ are better than traditional propeller designs for light industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal, and residential use. With our technical leadership and passion for renewable energy innovation we will continue to deliver the best small wind solutions.
Small Wind is one of the fastest growing sectors in renewable energy solutions in the US. more
The patent-protected VQ WindJet design matches the energy production efficiency of propellers. more
Information and photos from recent VQ WindJet installations in the US and around the world. more
VQ WindJets are engineered to produce power in a variety of applications and environments. more
Sound Level Pressure VQ WindJet vs PropellerWith most traditional propeller designs the most noticeable impact a wind turbine places upon the environment is noise pollution. Not true with an VQ WindJet! Take a look at the WindJet vs. Propeller comparison.
You want to generate safe, clean power and save money in the process. But you have a lot questions about wind power and VQ WindJets. We are ready to answer those questions and guide you to the solution right for you. contact us